Within the Single Sign On (SSO) platform of SecureLogin it's possible to add Twinfield to your environment. After you finished the one-time setup your credentials, you will never have to login again at Twinfield. Together with the other applications within SecureLogin, you will have access to all your applications within one dashboard. 

Instructions to setup Twinfield

Per the 17th of February logging in to Twinfield via SecureLogin has changed. Take below steps to setup Twinfield for your environment. 

The change entails some step that need to be taken. Twinfield has decided that they want an active confirmation that you use SecureLogin to log into Twinfield.

Firstly, a form has to be filled out (http://securelogin.nu/twfsso/). After this Twinfield will activate an option to ‘enable SSO’. You can check if this has already been done by logging in to Twinfield and see if the option "single sign-on' is visible (see step 2)

For the second step you go to Twinfield (https://accounting.twinfield.com/UI/#/Settings/Access/Users). At the tab ‘accountstatus’ you see the option ‘single sign-on’ here you have three options:

1.    required: you can only login through SecureLogin

2.    activated: you can both login through SecureLogin and directly on the Twinfield website

3.    inactivated: login through SecureLogin is not possible (you can only login directly on the Twinfield website)

To be able to keep using Twinfield (through SecureLogin) you either have to select ‘mandatory’ or ‘enabled’.